Why Choose Monkey Bars products?

Our new garage looks great! Finally, an organization system that makes sense and a professional does the install.”


Clean Garage in Cincinnati
A clean, organized garage with Queen City Garage Solutions.


This is just one of the many reviews we have gotten at Queen City Garage Solutions. We enjoy working with each and every one of our customers and love hearing their feedback. Making customers happy is our goal. If you’re looking to get your garage organized, park your car in the garage or find more space in your garage, we can help. We specialize in helping you maximize your space,  sharing storage tips and providing a custom garage organization system. Each homeowner has different storage goals when it comes to the garage. We’ve found that one-size-fits-all solutions from home improvement stores don’t always work. Our team will visit your home to assess your space and understand your vision. We will then create a custom storage plan for your space and goals.


We meet with you to determine the best look for your garage.


We can help create the garage of your dreams!  Bring your garage back to life and be excited every time you enter or leave it. There are several different storage options that can help you complete your look. Choose from shelving, cabinets, overhead racks, workbenches, and accessories. The best part? You can combine these products however you want. Each solution is customized to the needs and size of your garage. Plus, they come in a variety of colors so that you can coordinate them all to match the look of your garage. To help envision your completed garage, take a look at some of these examples.


Mike, the owner of Queen City Garage Solutions, is your exclusive dealer of Monkey Bar Storage products. Mike and  his team are committed to helping you find the perfect storage solutions for your garage. Mike spent the first 25 years of his career in corporate Consumer Insights and Strategy. Over time, he realized he wanted to change to something that had a more direct customer impact. When he  researched opportunities, he discovered Monkey Bars and realized they were the industry leaders due to the product offerings and their dealer service. Becoming a Monkey Bars dealer allowed him to offer integrated class-leading organization and storage solutions to his customers. Mike and his wife have three children including a daughter who is an Ohio State Buckeye and twin boys who are currently high school freshmen. Mike said, “I have always loved my garage – it is the first “room” that I completed when I built my current house. We are on the go a lot with sports and activities – being organized is very important to my family because it makes things go smoothly and saves a lot of time when we need to grab things like tools, stadium chairs, bikes, or any of the items we have stored with our Monkey Bars system.” 


When asked what Mike loves about his job, he said, “I love the ability to provide a tremendous product that helps solve clients’ issues. I enjoy meeting new clients and being able to deliver an amazing garage and an amazing experience with Queen City Garage Solutions. Having a positive impact on a customer while doing something that I am passionate about is very rewarding.” Here at Queen City Garage Solutions we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and client satisfaction. We take the time to understand customer objectives, propose a design that will meet those objectives and install a product that will exceed expectations. What are you waiting for? Give us a call to get your garage transformation started today!

Mike Fogler, owner of Queen City Garage Solutions